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Hi, welcome to the first blog post and to Wpthememarket.com. We just recently purchased the design rights and all themes from 54themes.com and are migrating and updating the themes to Wpthememarket.com in the coming weeks….

At the time of this post then we have purchased 9 themes from 54themes.com and these are currently being updated by our eveloper and we have a further 2 themes in development, all of the themes will be ready in the next 2 months as we re-launch Wpthememarket.com.

As each theme is updated, then we will make it available to purchase and download, we will also post details on our blog about the next theme that will be updated or information on the new themes in development, so you can always get a sneak preview of what is coming…

In addition to the themes we will offer, we will also have support services for our customers, and this will range in services from:

  • logo design
  • theme installation
  • customized theme support

We also recognize that a lot of people want additional items for their sites, so we have plans in plans to purchase the best plugins available (extended license plugins) purchased by us, that will allow us to offer these for our paid members at no additional costs. You will need to be a member to download these premium plugins and we will strive to ensure we have the best selection available. All of these offerings will be 100% legal, as we only have legitimate and legal content on our site, any plugin that will be offered for download will be available through an extended license purchase by us to offer to our customers.



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